Terms and Conditions

  1. Closet Space only accepts bids of buyers within South Africa and only accepts bids in South African Rands.

  3. Please note that our item/s on bid have been worn.

  5. These are once off items and the items are sold on a bidding system.

  7. A bid is a binding contract therefore please bid with the intention of purchasing the item/s.

  9. The bidding period for item/s will be indicated on the website.

  11. The price given is the initial bidding price.

  13. Bids will be accepted when the amount of the bid is at least R1.00 (One Rand) more than the previous bid.

  15. The prices of the item/s exclude postage. The buyer will pay the postage costs.

  17. If you want to bid you have to be registered on the Closet Space website.

  19. Buyers who have outstanding payments will not be able to purchase new item/s, unless the outstanding amount is settled or alternate arrangements have been made with Closet Space.

  21. Bidding takes place by leaving a comment on the photo of the item/s. The comment will be confirmed as your bid.

  23. The highest bid received on the final day of the bid at the specified end time is the bid which will be accepted.

  25. If two bids have the same amount, the earlier bid will be confirmed as the final bid.

  27. The method of payment will be electronic transfer into the bank account of Closet Space. The banking details of Closet Space will be emailed to the buyer.

  29. The item/s will be posted to the buyer after payment and proof of payment is received.

  31. The items are sold as is. Please be certain about your bid.

  33. Please check and make sure of the size of the item/s.

  35. If the item/s does not fit you, you have two weeks from purchase date, which is the date of payment, to return the item/s to Closet Space to the return address provided.

  37. The postage cost of the return of the item/s will be the buyers cost.

  39. Should the buyer return the item/s, the item/s have to be in the same condition in which the buyer received the item/s. The original Closet Space swing tag of the item/s should still be attached to the item/s when the buyer returns the item/s. The buyer will then receive a store credit for the amount paid for the item/s for a future bid.

  41. Closet Space cannot take responsibility for technical glitches that interfere with the bids.

  43. Closet Space will not be responsible for issues arising from people making bids on behalf of another person.